Isca Pest Control offer seagull removal, control and proofing services to ensure those squawking seagulls do not return. Dispatch of these aggressive birds with our proofing and removal services.

Seagulls are a growing menace within the community as humans have created a perfect environment for them.

Bird Proof electronic emitter installed in Exeter by Isca Pest ControlOur buildings have replaced cliffs and food is regularly available in the streets, added to this their protected status which is becoming a large problem.

There are a variety of methods employed to discourage the birds from your property such as ultra violet emitting gel, electric barriers and netting, each of these methods have their advantages but a thorough survey is recommended to assess the most suitable solution for your particular needs.

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It is important that any gull proofing is done before they hatch their young, usually from June onwards up until September as once young are born it is illegal to disturb them, once they have laid eggs in a particular area they will continue to reuse that for life, Gulls can live up to 25 years and mate for life.

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