Bed Bugs

Isca Pest Control offer a range of services in the control, removal of bed bugs so take the bite out of these tiny critters and sleep easy with our removal services.

Bed bugs are a reddish-brown, oval flattened insect roughly 4/5mm in length.

Recently fed adults will be swollen and turn to a dull red colour, their eggs are a oval white colour and are usually hidden in the cracks and crevices of furniture near their hosts – humans or pets.

Under good conditions they can lay up to 500 hundred eggs, living for nearly 18 months and having to only feed every couple of months.

Bed bugs are not known to carry any disease but their saliva injected into you whilst feeding can cause an allergic reaction resulting in swelling, burning and itching.

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Controlling Bed Bugs can be extremely difficult and expert advice is highly recommended, it is also important not to panic and throw away infected furniture as this can cause unintended consequences such as spreading the problem throughout the property.

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