Isca Pest Control offer a range of services in the control, removal and proofing of a wide range of bugs. Say bye bye and ensure your furnishings don’t become food for these little pest.

Silverfish are wingless, flattened, fish-shaped insects usually not more than ½ inch long.

They have long antennae and two or three antennae like appendages at the end the abdomen.

Silverfish may be found almost anywhere in the house but usually they will be found living close to a food source. They will eat a wide variety of foods but can also go for long periods without eating.

They are a nuisance and consume a small amount of human foods and contaminate with their body scales and droppings.

“It is so distressing finding out that you have rats on your property. What you need is fast, professional and reassuring service and that is exactly what Darren provided. He carried out a quick survey, identified what was wrong and the problem was soon sorted. His follow up visit confirmed that we no longer had rats.”
Chris, Devon

Silverfish can do considerable damage to synthetic fibres, books and can even leave stains on fibres and linens.

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