Wasp & Hornets

Isca Pest Control offer a range of services for the control, removal and proofing of wasps & hornets. Take the sting out of these angry insects with our removal services.

Wasps are very social insects which build nests of paper like material called carton.

Darren of Isca Pest Control removal a wasp nestThe nest is made up of a mixture of wood fibres and saliva from the female wasp and some nests can grow to huge proportions containing many thousands of wasps.

Wasps start to become a real nuisance in the cooler weather as the fruit ripens; they are then more aggressive with people interfering with them.

When wasp’s sting it is generally a defensive action but unfortunately their venom can cause a severe allergic reaction.

“We called Isca to eradicate what we thought was a wasps’ nest. One of Isca’s guys turned up at the agreed time the following day but on initial inspection he said he was sure that it wasn’t a wasps’ nest but a colony of some black flies the wasps were hunting. After checking the stump thoroughly and finding a wasp carrying one of the flies he confirmed that his first idea was right and then said he wouldn’t do any work or use any chemicals that weren’t necessary, asked if we were happy and took his leave. There had been no indication of a call-out fee and none was requested.
What fantastic professional service. A really great local firm – they’re still out there!”
Mr J Curtis, Exeter

Once winter arrives the workers and males die off and the queen hibernates ready to start new colonies in the spring.

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