Look out for Asian Hornets

Keep a look out for this bee killer

Last Year in September the Asian Hornet was found in Woolacombe, North Devon. On this occassion the hornet’s nest was treated & removed but we must not forget that Asian Hornets are still (& even more so) a huge threat to our local bees.

Spring is around the corner, with summer not too far off, so this year please be alert and keep an eye out for these bee killers from Asia.

The Asian hornet has bright yellow legs, a dark abdomen with a single yellow ring near the tip. If you do see one please get in touch with a local bee keeper and they will be able to help & advise further to ensure we keep our bees as safe as possible in the sunny South West down here in Devon & Cornwall.

Isca Pest Control may be licensed to kill pest, but we have feelings and respect for mother nature also so keep an eye out for the Asian Hornet in the Exeter and surrounding areas and please act if you see one.