Rodent Control

Isca Pest Control offer rodent pest control services for the control, and humane removal and proofing of rats and mice. Take control of those rampant rodents today.

The teeth in rats are harder than iron, and the jaws can exert pressures of 24,000 pounds per square inch.

The gnawing of rats and mice destroys foundations, doors, molding, insulation, plumbing, and sewer lines.

They can chew into rubbish bins, cars, priceless works of art, and nearly any other area or object in and around our homes and businesses. Rats chew wiring and 5 to 25 percent of all fires of “undetermined origin” are believed to be caused by rats.

Signs of rodents

  • Chewed wiring, insulation, or other materials
  • Animal droppings
  • Unexplained stains or odours
  • Strange noises

Even small animals such as rodents can attack, and their bites often become infected. For this reason, it is never a good idea to try to remove the animal yourself. Isca Pest Control have years of experience, special equipment, and the expertise to take care of your rodent problem for you.

“Dan was very helpful, explaining what he was doing and got the job sorted without any fuss. Excellent. Thank You.”
Clare, Devon

Isca Pest Control Dan installing Rat Blocker Exeter DevonWith rodent treatment it is important to attack them in number of ways, not only do we bait but also lay traps so as to clear up the problem quicker and to reduce the chance of dead rodent smells. In addition we thoroughly examine the property for reason of infestation and possible solutions such as entry points and harbourage.

Once the rodents are cleared from the property it is important to consider our cleaning service as their droppings and urine carry many dangerous bacterial and viral diseases in addition fleas, lice and mites known as ectoparastites, thrive on rodents.

We remove, control, proof and eradicate all types of pests in the Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Budleigh Salterton and surrounding Devon areas.

Call Isca Pest Control Exeter 01392 462900 to take control of those rampant rodents today.

Rodent Control & Removal

Rat control, proofing & removal by Exeter’s Isca Pest Control


Rodent removal and proofing at a cost effective price.

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Mouse & mice control, proofing & removal by Isca Pest Control, Exeter


Rodent removal and proofing at a cost effective price.

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