Technology in the pest control world

Modern advances in pest control are moving at a fast pace.

Asian Hornet Exeter Isca Pest ControlIsca Pest Control like keep an eye on all pest control industry developments and are keen to try any new technologies and tools that help us to keep those pesky pest at bay here in Exeter and the surround areas in Devon. We have previously used drones to check out roofs and high places that need inspection, lasers to scare off birds & now there is tagging of wasps & hornets. Luckily we don’t have to tag every hornet or wasp we come across but the Asian Hornet in particular is one species that we should all be looking out for.

Exeter University helping to track Asian Hornets

The latest science and technology in the field is currently being tested by Exeter University here in the South West of England. Exeter University are trialing the tracking devices to enable them to follow Asian Hornets to their nests, which is revolutionary in tracking their colonies. The Asian Hornets are now well established across Europe but, less so in the UK, and any technology we can use to help us obtain the data will help us get a handle on realistic colony numbers.

Pest Asian Hornets very cleverly wait outside of bee nests and kidnap (or should that be “bee-nap”)  unsuspecting bees which they take back to their colony nest to feed their own larvae.  The Asian hornets nest are often well hidden, out of site and the workers will travel long distances to achieve their goal. The tracking devices will be of great advantage in helping the eradication of this invasive species.

What do Asian Hornets look like?

They are smaller than our own native hornets & have mostly a black or dark brown body with yellow tipped legs. Their face is also orange in colour & they have an orange line near the end of their abdomen.

If you think you see an Asian Hornet one or think you see one, then do send a photo by using the Asian Hornet Watch App or email

Do not disturb or try to treat any hornet nest yourselves (especially Asian Hornets) but please leave it to trained professionals.

Call Isca Pest Control on Exeter (01392) 462900 or get in touch online if you think you have a hornets nest or are worried about any hornets in your garden. Please also use the app if you think you have spotted one, but most of all please enjoy your Spring & Summer time in your garden.