Giant rats now in Exeter?

Rat control, proofing & removal by Exeter’s Isca Pest ControlNo need to worry!

This hole had to be dug, because the owner of the building had a rat problem in the drains & the hole had to be dug to get the drain professionals in to give Isca Pest Control a helping hand. They have specialist cameras to tell us where the drain problem is.

In most cases they can go straight into the main drain, but this was a much bigger problem.

Rat hole dug up by Isca Pest Control

It doesn’t matter where you are in Devon; Exmouth, Exeter, East Budleigh, a rat will do the same amount of damage if left too long and these rampant rodents don’t have a preferred location in the South West.

No need to panic just yet even though in recent times we have had newspaper headlines and articles such as:

Shopper’s shock as ‘giant rat’ spotted near Asda in Newton Abbot, Devon

Experts warn of rat infestation in Exeter over the Easter break

Giant ‘monster rat’ found eating dog’s food in Southwest garden

Is ‘mutant rat’ caught in Cornwall Britain’s biggest rodent?

Plymouth giant super-rat picture goes national

New breed of giant rats terrorise and chase refuse workers in Plymouth

If you suspect you have rats, the longer you leave it, the greater damage, the bigger the cost and the more difficult or complicated our job can be. This is the downside of pest control, so prevention is always better than cure.

If you think you have a rat problem big or small, you hear noises that come from your loft space or even wall cavity, don’t hesitate to give Isca Pest Control a call today on 01392 462900.