Rats are notoriously known for being hardy disease carriers and are adaptable to their environments and if left uncontrolled they can pose a real threat to humans.

Rats are an extremely agile and tenacious animal, they are able to climb most surfaces and crawl through spaces as small as a fifty pence piece.

We are often asked how do rats get in the drains?

The photo shown is a classic example of how rodents get into the underground drainage. Rats usually get in the system via a broken drain between cracks and gaps which enable these rampaging rodents to easily access drains and pipes below the surface.

Rats pose a number different threats to humans, there as many as 16 known diseases some of which can be fatal like leptospirosis and Typhus, in addition they are extremely destructive as due to their ever growing teeth they are constantly gnawing with the ability to chew wires causing untold damage and creating fire risks with exposed cables.

Check out the video below from National Geographic to see how rats can get into your toilet system:

Rats are sexually mature within 12 weeks and can produce a litter of up to 11 within a small gestation period of only a month.

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Rats do love drains!

Our very own Dan featured in ‘Professional Pest Controller 93 Magazine’ shown here installing rat blockers in a drainage system and showcasing how effective these devices can be as part of a range of treatment options.

See the article below:

Professional Pest Controller Magazine 93 featuring DanClick to view larger

Isca Pest Control Dan installing Rat Blocker Exeter DevonProfessional pest control treatment for rats

Our treatment options for rats will often be a combination of rodenticide and traps but a thorough inspection of the property is recommended to prevent repeat infestation. It is also advised that infected rodent areas are treated for ectoparasites such as ticks and fleas.

It is important not to touch suspected areas of rodent activity as their urine carries many of the diseases.

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