Mammal Control

Isca Pest Control offer a range of services for the control, removal and proofing of a variety of mammals. We will ensure your property and gardens aren’t overrun with unwelcome mammals.

Moles & rabbits both can cause considerable damage to Farmers and their land, both spreading disease and causing damage to the land.

Squirrels are a particularly destructive animal, once inside your loft space they will chew almost anything especially electrical wire, eaves and insulation.

It is also estimated that rodents are responsible for many house fires.

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Outside the house squirrels are a menace stripping trees, eating song birds eggs and most importantly the grey squirrel is an invasive species that has nearly destroyed our indigenous red squirrel. Once we had removed the squirrels it is important to find out their entry points and have them sealed off otherwise before you know it a new one will arrive.

We remove, control, proof and eradicate all types of pests in the Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Budleigh Salterton and surrounding Devon areas.

Call Isca Pest Control on Exeter 01392 462900 to take control of these malicious mammals.

Mammal Control & Removal

Squirrel control, proofing & removal by Exeter’s Isca Pest Control


Eliminate these crafty critters with our pest removal and proofing services.

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Moles control proofing & removal from isca pest control

Mole control

Control these malicious mammals with our pest control and removal services.

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