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Fleas are pests of humans and their domestic hosts, while most fleas prefer non human hosts, many feed readily on humans.

They are small wingless insects up to about 1/6 of an inch long and very narrow making it easy for them to crawl through an animal’s fur, flooring, upholstery & walling.

Flea’s eggs are very small and in most cases unable to be seen with the human eye.

They are frequently laid on the cat or dog but are also laid by adults on to the floor or carpet.

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A flea will lay up to 400 eggs depending on the temperature and will most likely hatch with 14 days of being laid.

A typical skin reaction to a flea bite is a formation of a small, hard, red, slightly raised itching spot with a single puncture wound in the centre. The degree of reaction will vary from person to person.

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