Gull chick rescued & lives the high life with Isca Pest Control!

This week we had a fun bird control job and we can report back on a happy ending for all involved!

One of our customers had an issue with a bird in their chimney so called Isca Pest Control to take care of everything to our usual high standard. This would generally be a run of the mill bird-proofing job, but on this occasion, it turned into a rescue job instead. A Gull chick (We named him Gully) had fallen down the chimney and despite much effort we couldn’t get it back up onto the roof, due to the property being a three story Victorian house. The next course of action was to get Gully out from danger and then take care of him and find a suitable home.

Upon rescue from behind the fireplace Darren safely removed Gully and he went home with Darren and certainly lived the high life that evening. Gully was fed on cooked mashed up salmon so enjoyed a much needed meal and also a comfy nights rest before his trip to the rescue centre the next day.

Isca Pest Control's Darren accessing behind the fireplace to rescue the chick

Accessing behind the fireplace to rescue the chick from Chimney.

Seagull chick in safe hands with Darren Isca Pest Control

Gully in safe hands with Darren.

One chick successfully re-homed

Thankfully RSCPA West Hatch Animal & Wildlife Centre, near Taunton, were happy to take Gully (now known as Cyril) in. They have quite few chicks, so we are confident he will flourish before he goes onto his own adventures in adulthood. All we can say is we hope they have plenty of salmon in stock as this little bird has come to expect a certain standard of cuisine and accommodation!

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