Mice & rats hiding in your warm home?

Are you hearing scratching nosies in your loft as you are tidying up the Christmas decorations?

Do you hear scurrying sounds in your kitchen (& not your other half raiding the fridge at midnight!)?

If you fear you have unwanted visitors then you could have mice or even rat problems. At which point there are several things you can do. Firstly call us at Isca Pest Control or get in touch online. We can then advise you on our range of treatments and how to prevent those problem rodents from coming in.

Spring cleaning your home is helpful too. By cleaning behind fridges or under the kitchen units mice are easy to spot, as they like to build nests in small cosy areas with anything they can shred (things like newspapers or that old jumper left behind the sofa that nan got you for Christmas).

Loft insulation also makes the perfect mouse bedding, especially as mice will have a litter 5-6 mice, about once a month if conditions are right.

Isca Pest Control will give your home a thorough investigation and check all potential nest areas of your home. We do not just leave bait down & hope for the best but have tried and tested industry experience and solutions to ensure we rid you of those pest rodents. Leaving bait down and hoping for the best is not the right way to treat for mice and certainly not a good treatment for rats, who will also have a littler of 6-11 about every month.

If you are living in the countryside at Crediton, near the canals at Tiverton, the city of Exeter, or by the coast of Exmouth, your home could have unwelcome rodent visitors if potential trouble spots have not been sorted.

Make sure your home is not a home for unwanted house guests. Take control of your rat and mice problems by getting in touch with Isca Pest Control today.