Nesting time for pest birds

Nesting time for some birds such as Gulls and Pigeons has started so you may hear them in the mornings or see them flying in a circle over your home with nesting materials in their mouths. Even more so if you are in the coastal areas of Sidmouth & Exmouth here in Devon.

Isca Pest Control can do several things to help with the prevention of these pest birds nesting on your roof including using spikes or netting for pest bird control.

Pest seagulls nesting on house

Copyright: lizboynton / 123RF Stock Photo

We can provide specialist cowls for chimney tops and even cages to cover the chimney completely to keep these birds away from nesting. There are also strict laws involved in working with Seagulls, which need to be dealt with within time limits, due to the laws involved following specific regulations and industry best practice which Isca Pest Control obviously follow religously.

We also install bird control equipment in and around solar panels which have now become an every day site in our city of Exeter and the surrounding towns of Tiverton, Crediton & Honiton. We can fit specialised solar panel clips or wires to stop birds from nesting underneath, as pigeons have found this spot to be very sheltered & warm.

We have experienced a big growth in this bird control service working around our customers environmental and specific needs to provide the best bird proofing solution.  With pest pigeons nesting under these panels you can also get the added problem of blocked gutters from bird fouling & debris. When bird foul on the actual solar panels you will also get a reduced electricity yield so it can be a very disruptive pest problem.

We use very specialised bird equipment when performing our bird control services backed up with the knowledge and experience other suppliers may not have. Interfering with seagulls can also be illegal in some circumstances, so please leave it to Isca Pest Control – the experts who will sort your bird proofing issues professionally and to industry regulations and local laws.

If you have any queries or questions on bird proofing or any bird pest issue please contact us on Exeter 01392 462900  or get in touch online for help and advice for your bird pest problem.