Seagulls nesting season starts soon!

If you are having a problem you should act now!

Gulls used to be associated around coastal areas, but the Herring Gull & the Black-backed Gull are often found in large numbers inland in the UK. Even our city centre of Exeter. They are already returning to their nesting sites around Exmouth, Sidmouth, Dawlish and the surrounding areas. Nesting sites include private houses, hotels and industrial buildings. Gulls who nest at inland locations, can often be found around large areas of water for example Exeter Quay, Refuse Centres, and even digging through bins at the back of food establishments.

Seagulls start breeding when 5 years old and can live for up to 25 years. Eggs are laid in April or May with up to 3 eggs being laid at 2-3 day intervals. The breeding seasons lasts right up till August.

There are a variety of proofing methods that we can use and each case is unique.

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