Slow Worms

Slow Worms are not your average pest, in fact they are not a pest at all, but Isca Pest Control have been asked many times to deal with them.

Slow worms are more likely to be seen here in the South West than the rest of the country. They like warm humid conditions and can often emerge in spring and summer, especially after it has been raining, or in the evening. Vibration from lawn mowers can also trigger slow worms to venture out and unfortunately, due to this, they are often injured by the blades of a lawn mower or even caught by the family cat.

Unfortunately a slow worm has no form of defence so please keep an eye out when gardening and especially when you cut the grass. Slow worms spend their winters, and most of their time, hiding under leaves, rocks or plant/tree roots.

Are slow worms a pest?

No they are not a pest at all, in fact they are not even a worm or a snake!

Slow worms are a lizard and able to shed their tails & blink with their eyelids. They are also one of Britain’s native lizards and protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981, making it illegal to injure or kill them.

What you should do if you spot a slow worm?

The answer is leave it well alone, it should find its own way back to where it was hiding. Alternatively you can call the BPCA (Pest Control governing body) who can also offer help. Natural England is also a very useful resource for all things concerning wildlife.

With Spring around the corner & these little lizards starting to wake up, do take extra care when cutting the lawn or turning over the leave mulch & let them enjoy your garden too.