Spot the ladybirds!

You may have been lucky enough recently to see some ladybirds as the warmer temperatures have fooled them into coming out of hibernation.

Dead ladybirds can be cleared away and are not generally a pestHarlequins Ladybirds are also knows as the Multicoloured Asian Ladybird due to the many colours and variations in spots. In Devon (and the rest of the UK) we only have a few native varieties and most commonly seen are the seven spot ladybird or the two spot ladybird.

You can also see a lot of non-native species and all ladybirds are great in the garden as they feed on  pollen, aphids and other small insects. Even the smallest of city gardens around Exeter can attract Ladybirds so keep a look out. Larger gardens can host several varieties of ladybirds and the coastal gardens around the Exmouth area often have more species, as they can be swept in on the warm air currents.

Ladybirds are not considered as a pest problem but can become a nuisance when they invade our homes in larger numbers. This is often because they have found a space to hibernate, and then come out when the warmer weather starts. They don’t breed indoors, or carry disease like flies so a harmless in that respect. If you have them in your home you can vacuum them but we would recommend to open your windows/doors to let them out, which is a far more friendly way to deal with them, and let them do their good work in the gardens in and around Exeter and Mid Devon.

With many of our UK native species under threat from the Asian varieties it is important to identify our own species correctly if you can. If in doubt please do not hesitate to call us at Isca Pest Control on 01392 462900 for help and advice with any pest problem.