The 8 Most Common Pest Myths!

We’re faced with questions on a daily basis about pests and pest control, and the vast majority of them start with “is it true that…?”

From Exeter to Exmouth, our clients are all asking us remarkably similar things and they don’t really know what to believe from their own research of hearsay!

So, as your local Exmouth and Exeter Pest Control Experts, we’re here to debunk (or debug!) 8 of the most common myths for you!

1.Mice Love Cheese.

MYTH. They actually have a sweet tooth and love things like biscuits, cereal and chocolate! They are particular fans of peanut butter!

2. Moles Are Blind.

MYTH. There are lots of different varieties of moles but the majority aren’t blind – just very short sighted! They do have an exceptionally good sense of smell and hearing though to compensate.

3. Cockroaches Can Live Without Food.

FACT. Cockroaches can live without food but only for a month!

4. All Moths Eat Clothes.

MYTH. There are 2,500 varieties of moths in the UK, but only a few eat clothes. Carpet beetles actually do more damage to fabric than moths!

5. Bed Bugs Are Only Found in Cheap or Dirty Accommodation.

MYTH. You may keep a spotlessly clean home, but don’t be fooled – bed bugs are happy to live in any bed, clean or otherwise!

6. Fleas Can Jump Really High!

FACT. Fleas can jump 150 times as high as their body!

7. Fleas Will Die Without A Host.

MYTH. This is usually dependant on what stage of their lifecycle the flea is at – but fleas can indeed survive without a host. They can lay dormant in the carpets or furniture of an uninhabited property and wait for a host.

8. Daddy Long Leg Spiders Are Poisonous.

MYTH. They may look menacing, not to mention they can be slightly annoying but they are in fact harmless.


Do you have any other pest myths that you want ‘debugged?’

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